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Client Enquiry/Registration

Blue Lizard Signs Ltd require the following information prior to quoting, designing or manufacture.

Our Artwork terms:

Our artwork costs are built into the price of the work requested. Once you/your company have received our artwork associated with the work requested and by return, you/your company request further alterations, you are agreeing not to forward these visuals to any third-party sign companies or design agencies. If our artwork is found to be used by a third party for you/your company, you are agreeing to incur a minimum artwork charge of £50.00 + VAT (or £40.00 + VAT per hour spent creating these artworks).

Our Booking-In terms:

Due to time restraints between receiving deposits, manufacture & installation, when ordering, you/your company agree that: We will provisionally book your job into our diary and raise an invoice stating the deposit. Only the received deposit will secure your slot in the diary. If we have not received the deposit within 3 days, your job will be removed from the diary and will be provisionally re-booked at a later date. Please note that we usually run a diary with a 2-3 week waiting list. 

Our Payment terms:

When ordering, you/your company agree that:

Unless otherwise discussed, deposits are required prior to manufacture and to secure your slot in our diary. Invoices below £250.00 plus VAT must be made in full. Invoices above this value will require a minimum of £250.00 plus VAT or 50% of the value, whatever is the greater.

Invoices are due for payment upon receipt. Blue Lizard Signs Ltd do not give credit and have never done so. Payment can be made via bank transfer, by credit/debit card over the phone or by cheques payable to "Blue Lizard Signs Ltd". If payment is not received within ten days of invoice date, your/your company will be put on “stop” and no further work will be carried out until the balance has been cleared. The ownership of the goods delivered, collected, or installed shall remain with Blue Lizard Signs Ltd until such time as the goods are paid for in full. Any queries to be notified within 10 days of Invoice date.

Our Sign & Graphics Installation terms:

When ordering signs and graphics to be installed by Blue Lizard Signs Ltd you are agreeing that:

When installing/removing signage, the area around the install must be kept clear. The safety of our staff, your staff, clients and/or public is at all times priority. If the area is not clear and our installers either must wait or must return at a later date, you will incur a charge of £40.00 + VAT per hour, per installer. Installation times will also be extended.

If removing old signage, Blue Lizard Signs Ltd will not be held responsible if any remedial work needs to be attended to, to the hidden area where the previous signage was installed. If this work can be carried out Blue Lizard Signs a charge of £40.00 + VAT per hour, per installer, plus materials will be incurred and installation time extended. If signs are being replaced, the existing signs will not be removed from site and will be your responsibility to dispose of correctly.

When ordering an installation/removal of vinyl graphics, etched manifestation or film of any kind by, Blue Lizard Signs Ltd, you are agreeing that: Cleaning solvents are used to clean the surface area which give off potent fumes. The area must be as well ventilated as possible. If in a populated area, you may wish to keep personnel away whilst the work is taking place. If when our installers arrive you do not permit the work to commence or if you halt the work during the process due to fumes and installers either must wait or return at a later date you will incur a charge of £40.00 + VAT per hour, per installer. Installation times will also be extended.

Our Vehicle preparation terms:

When ordering Blue Lizard Signs Ltd to work on your/your company’s vehicle/equipment/plant you are agreeing that:

Unless stated, all vehicle quotes are based on the vehicle being at our premises in Crawley. Prior to installation our installers will degrease the panels where graphics/film is to be installed. This means that vehicles must arrive washed and as clean as possible for installation. If a vehicle arrives dirty and needs cleaning a £40.00 + VAT charge will be incurred and installation time extended. If a vehicle arrives with road tar, adhesive film, brake or rail dust, or glue residue left from old graphics extra cleaning will be required and will be charged for at £40.00 + VAT per hour, per man and installation time extended. If the approved design needs the vehicle badges removing, they will be done so. If you wish the badges to be kept, please let us know prior to work being commenced. The greatest of care is taken during the installation and/or removal of existing vinyl graphics/wrapping film/paint protection film Blue Lizard Signs Ltd will not accept responsibility for any damage caused due to substandard paintwork.

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