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January 15, 2018

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What is Car Wrapping?

January 15, 2018

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4 Ways Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Can Help Grow Your Business

December 18, 2017

Have you ever seen a branded vehicle driving past you before? Chances are, you probably have. What did it instantly tell you? How did it make you feel about the company it represented? Why do they do it? There’s a multitude of reasons as to why companies pay money to get vehicle wraps and effectively brand their vehicle, but we’re going to focus on the marketing side. Here are 4 ways in which vehicle wraps and graphics can help to grow your business.




Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Are Not Aggressive

Today, businesses are always trying to get ahead of the competition through effective marketing: Radio advertising (those annoyingly catchy jingles!), direct mail (the annoying spam mail), event sponsorship (not-so-annoying giveaways). But the thing is, these methods all feel a bit, well, forced.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are subtler. It’s not an obvious in-your-face advertisement that interrupts people’s days. Instead, it’s an easily noticeable message that doesn’t greatly distract people.



Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Make a Brand Familiar

If your company vehicles are out on the road, they’ll be seen by up to 3,000 people per hour. That’s impressive, but what’s more important is the familiarity it builds: 60% of consumers would rather purchase a product from a company they’ve heard of. Do you feel more trusting towards companies you have heard of compared to those you haven’t?

While you may not necessarily remember a brand after seeing the company vehicle just once, but if your vehicles are regularly out on the road, people will start to remember.



Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Show Professionalism

Company branding can be compared to a music band: All bands have a particular ‘look’, whether they admit to it or not (the ‘anti-look’ is still a look!). Similarly, all companies have a particular ‘look’ to them and that is a part of your brand.

A unified aesthetic can show how serious and professional you are as a company, which is useful for business meetings when you want to close the deal.



Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Can Help Build Your Reputation

Imagine you run a courier service company and all your drivers are careful, considerate users of the road. That’s something you’d want to shout about, right? If you’re considering the stereotypical reputation and views of ‘white van drivers’, the quality of your drivers is something you want people to see positively, don’t you think?

If people notice the good driving and see your company branding on the vehicle, it will begin to build an element of trust between the public and yourself. Trust wins sales!



A vehicle with beautiful wraps and graphics can genuinely help to grow your business for reasons beyond the mere exposure. When getting your vehicle wrapped, or having graphics applied, remember the design needs to be attention-grabbing, memorable and must include the relevant details you want to get across.



If you are looking to get some vehicle wraps and graphics in the South, we at Blue Lizard Signs can provide you with a top-quality job that’ll last years and protect your vehicle paint.



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