Custom vehicle graphics made to order from a single vehicle to an entire commercial fleet there is no doubt that professionally designed and applied vinyl vehicle graphics portray your company in a positive light. Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective forms of promotion. It is possible for a busy vehicle to be seen by up to 3000 people an hour.

Commercial vehicle graphics create bold statements about your company and using a wide range of materials the end result often has explosive impact. Reflective vinyl for example, can bring a vehicle to life at dusk or into the night, and using the latest full colour technology, anything from photographs to complex logos can be applied to a vehicle quickly and efficiently. The image need not stop when it comes to vehicle window graphics. With contravision, vinyl graphics can be visible from the outside whilst transparent from the vehicle's interior.


Vehicle wrapping is one of the fastest emerging markets in the graphics industry. Over the past few years, advances in technology and production of materials have meant that vehicle graphics have evolved. The days of a basic name and number have been overtaken by the need to be noticed in a very competitive business environment. A vehicle wrap is best described as full colour image printed on specialist conformable vinyl that is wrapped around the complete bodywork of a vehicle, transforming it into a mobile bill board.

The idea is to get your business seen and to promote its identity. Whatever your line of work, wrapping your vehicle in graphics will make a bold statement about your company. Wrapping from boot to bonnet in corporate colours and images is a sure fire way to make your business stand out from the rest. Wrapping is the ultimate in corporate signage. What better promotional tool could there be to get your message across?



The latest trend vehicle wrapping is full colour change of a car. Several years ago it was more of an expensive novelty, today the big leap made by the wrap vinyl producing companies made it possible to talk about changing your vehicle's colour as of something quite ordinary. We offer a selection of more than a hundred different colours including gloss, matte, metallic, carbon fibre even chrome and chameleon.

​Our preference when it comes to wrapping films comes down to two manufacturers, Avery Dennison and 3M . In our opinion these are the best films available on the market today. We have used other manufacturers in the past but nothing comes close to the quality, adhesion and durability.

The Vehicle wrap industry is booming. More companies include having their vehicles branded in the must-have list and more people are looking into adding some personality into their car by doing a colour change wrap. 



Digital print technology has taken over traditional screen printing as the preferred production method in the modern sign industry. Blue Lizard Signs have the latest Roland digital print system.

This produces vibrant, eye catching, quality graphics using very durable solvent based inks. Materials such as short, medium and long term self adhesive vinyl, vehicle wrapping media, wall paper, canvases and photo paper can be printed on media up to five feet wide for all sign and vehicle graphic applications.



An innovative and cost-effective wall wrap system using specially manufactured vinyl films that can be used to "decorate" any wall (or any flat surface), with a high quality image. Utilise any space to attract attention to get your message across. This system will transform those unsightly or dreary walls into magnificent pieces of art - limited only by your imagination. Bespoke wall murals and wallpaper are custom made to fit each customer’s wall size and individual needs.

The possibilities are endless.

Boardrooms, Restaurants, Hotels, Toilets, Shops, Bars ...and don't forget your own home.


Interior Signs

From simple push/pull interior signs on most doors to imposing reception signs, interior signage can be purely functional or it can be a statement about the nature of your business. Information systems provide a highly visible directory of the departments within a building and simple directional signs can guide people around your premises. On the other hand with a little imagination and some custom interior signs your reception area can speak volumes about your company; after all it is the first point of contact with the public.


Exterior signs

Exterior signs in either retail or business locations serve the same purpose, identifying a company’s location. Standing out amongst a busy high street or on a business park is the key to people finding your premises. Tough, durable exterior signage that can be guaranteed not to degrade for many years is utilitarian and an expression of your company’s identity.

Attractive exterior signage is a fundamental part of any operation. Making your business more visible will lead to greater awareness amongst customers and potential customers. Whether it is a simple ‘A’ board or a spinning pavement sign, free-standing signs do not necessarily need to be contained within your premises.



Vinyl Graphics, digitally printed graphics and wraps allow you to utilise any interior or exterior space to promote and advertise your products and services. High resolution photos or images are printed on a variety of materials and can transform any surface into something extraordinary, the potential uses for this technology are endless!

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